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Adrea Robles, E-RYT - Adrea's interest in exercise and fitness began at a young age, but it wasn't until she was training for her third marathon that she discovered yoga. It was only then that her enthusiasm for fitness became informed by a deeper awareness of the body. After experimenting with many forms of yoga, she found the balance between rest and activity that she needed in the vinyasa style of practice. Inspired to teach what she had learned, she completed her training at Laughing Lotus College of Yoga in Manhattan, and now brings her endless enthusiasm and deep understanding of the body to Mahopac. Her teaching style is greatly informed by her training as a massage therapist (see our Massage & Wellness Center), and is focused on helping every student learn to listen to the innate wisdom of their own body. With her alignment instruction, fantastic hands-on assists, and fun and spirited style, her students are sure to learn just that. Adrea is excited to be opening this studio with her husband David, which proves to her that dreams really can come true. You can check out her blog here.

David Robles, E-RYT - David's interest in Hatha Yoga grew out of his life-long interest in meditation and mysticism. Prior to taking up a regular yoga practice, he admits that exercise at the gym never appealed to him, and that his lifestyle was far from healthy. After experimenting with several styles of yoga, he fell in love with Vinyasa, eventually completing his teacher training at Laughing Lotus College of Yoga in Manhattan. His teaching style combines the fun-loving and creative style of Vinyasa that he takes with him from Laughing Lotus, with a firm basis in the yoga philosophy. David is currently studying Sanskrit and the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta with Swami Prabuddhananda, and enjoys sharing his passion with his students.  David feels blessed to have the opportunity to open Liberation Yoga with his wife Adrea, and to be teaching what he loves. Check out Dave's blog here.

Adrienne Eppner, E-RYT - Adrienne discovered yoga "by accident" while on vacation in the early 1990s. The first pose she remembers learning was Lions Breath, and she realized that yoga does not have to be this heavy and serious thing all the time; that it's okay (and important) to be able to laugh at yourself, too! She had a crush on yoga from that point on, but it wasn't until a few years later, when she developed a regular practice, that it became a love affair!

In 2008, Adrienne began her journey to guide others through the benefits of a regular yoga practice. She is certified in the Vinyasa style of yoga, and also teaches Pre-natal/Post-natal, Kids, Seniors, Restorative, Chair and Yin yoga. She's studied Aromatherapy, dabbled in Reflexology, and is also a Reiki Practitioner.

Her training has taken her near and far, as far as Alaska in 2013. Adrienne is proud and excited to be completing her 500-hour certification in April 2014. Liberation Yoga is her yoga-home, and she is overjoyed to be able to practice in this space. She is honored to share her knowledge and love for teaching with the students here, and is excited to help them on their own individual journeys.

Annie Synnott, RYT - Annie came to her practice of yoga as the result of two major operations, having tried all medical treatments for relief of pain. She is living proof that yoga does work, and heals. A dedicated teacher and yogi since 2009, she firmly believes that yoga is for everyone, no matter what your age or physical state, and that your yoga journey begins with one single step.

Jamie Nottingham, RYT - Jamie began his journey towards yoga at the age of thirteen with intense training in the Martial Arts. The rigorous physical and mental discipline pushed him towards developing body awareness, strength and flexibility. It was after a football injury that Jamie took his first yoga class and immediately was hooked on the practice of Hatha Yoga. It was the perfect physical discipline to mirror, support and foster the mental, emotional and spiritual work Jamie was engaged in.

Looking to further his practice, knowledge and ability to share his experience of yoga with others, he went through Liberation's School of Yoga's 200-Hour certification program and has been an avid teacher ever since (and even before).

Jamie is also a Reiki Master, under the Usui Tradition. He believes that Reiki can be a direct path to recovering aspects of ourselves that we have either lost, or pushed below the surface. Jamie strives to integrate his knowledge of martial arts, yoga practices, spirituality and Reiki into all of his teachings. While not on his mat, he reads as many books as he can possibly get his hands on, to further his knowledge and feed his mind.

Kristi Lynch - While Kristi was pregnant with her second child she wanted to find an exercise program that would allow her and her baby to be healthy and happy. Being a mother of a toddler and pregnant for the second time, she knew that keeping active was very important. While she found the benefits of a steady yoga practice were great for her body and her growing belly, she also fell in love with Yoga as a lifestyle. Kristi decided to share her love of yoga with others and completed her 200-hour Yoga teacher training at Liberation Yoga's School of Yoga in 2014. She believes that play will always keep you young and that laughter is good for the soul. Fun, flowing Vinyasa classes are where her heart lies, and she loves to share this love with students of all levels. Her classes are lighthearted and fun, and you will find yourself bending, stretching, balancing and smiling. Kristi's fun-loving spirit shines through in her teaching and she's excited to share her bright light with her students.

Kristine Sokerka - Kristine has been seeking yoga since childhood. Always an avid reader and seeker of knowledge, she uses yoga and Ayurveda as essential tools for transforming the body, mind and spirit. Kristine is passionate about yoga and loves sharing that passion with others. She is grateful for and inspired by the yoga community. Kristine is a certified Raja Hatha yoga teacher and also teaches Kids yoga, Yin, Therapeutic, Seniors and Restorative Yoga. She believes anyone can benefit from yoga regardless of age, illness or disability.

Julie Olsen - Julie's yogic journey began in 2009, after she was diagnosed with cancer. Undergoing chemotherapy treatments had left her feeling weakened and drained, both physically and emotionally. She initially came to yoga to rebuild her muscular strength and balance, and in the process realized she was better able to come to terms with her illness and find perspective. A natural healer, she began bringing her own therapeutic qualities to those in need, working as a PCT in Pediatric Oncology, and is currently attending school to become a licensed RN. Julie discovered Reiki in 2012, and is now a powerful Energetic Healer. Julie's path shifted further when she felt the pull to deepen her connection to yoga, and to bring her passion for its benefits to others. In May of 2014, she graduated from Liberation Yoga's School of Yoga, becoming a registered yoga teacher. Julie infuses each class with a beautiful energy and a deep sense of compassion, integrating her extensive knowledge of yoga and the body with an empathetic touch and a desire to help her students heal and find their own innate strengths.

Lucy Conway - Lucy is a seasoned yoga practitioner who has been studying various types of Hatha yoga since 1994. Her practice has been steady, and she has explored a variety of styles such as Kripalu,Viniyoga, Ashtanga as well as some Jivamukti and Vinyasa. Her 500 hour certification is through Journey Into Yoga, a Kripalu affiliated yoga teacher training.

Lucy's focus of teaching is to lead her students to go within and to explore deep levels from their own heart with kindness and compassion for themselves. Through inquiry and observation in yoga postures the exploration deepens allowing space to open and energy to flow. This clearing of energy provides a pathway towards inner peace. Lucy Conway is a member of Yoga Alliance and Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association.

Monika Acton - Monika initially started yoga because she wanted to get fit and look good, but after her first few classes discovered yoga's true depth.  She credits the philosophic teachings of yoga with helping her to gain a deeper understanding of her life, and improving it in many ways.  She became a teacher to deepen her own understanding and practice, and to enthusiastically share some of the peace she has gained with the world.

Monika graduated from the Liberation School of Yoga teacher training in 2010, and is excited to teach at the school where she began her practice. 

Tova Heller, RYT - Tova earned her 200-hour teacher certification through Liberation Yoga and Wellness Center's School of Yoga in March 2013. Having been a dancer for many years, she thought she knew what being connected to her body meant. However, it was during the 6-month certification process that she realized how much more growth was possible. She believes it is our responsibility to ourselves to honor where we are today, as opposed to where we were yesterday, or where we hope to be tomorrow. Only by serving our present needs can we heal from the past, and be stronger for the future. Developing deeper body awareness, creating a strong and flexible body and mind, and rewarding oneself for a job well done will always be encouraged in her classes. A hearty dose of laughter and a sense of humor should also be expected!