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Reiki is a gentle hands-on energetic healing art originating in Japan. By increasing the amount of vital energy, the body is empowered to heal physical ailments, and to discover lingering causes that could cause problems to return in the future. Reiki treatments help to loosen energy blockages, allowing the body to restore its own equilibrium. Trusting the innate wisdom of the body, Reiki energy goes where the body directs it, so it is best to keep an open mind, and not have strong expectations about the specific results. After a Reiki session, you are sure to take home long-term benefits, as well as a deep sense of warmth, well-being, and peace. For more information about Reiki please click here.

In the case of those suffering from serious health conditions or major diseases, Reiki does not replace the need of conventional medical treatment. But those who receive regular Reiki sessions along with their medical treatment often find their healing time to be shorter and easier to handle.

With Tova Heller or Vincent Mazzacone:
60 minutes: $75

Adrea Robles:
60 minutes: $105


This session combines the subtle power of Reiki Energy with the tension-melting effects of client-tailored massage therapy. Our talented Massage Therapists and Reiki Masters will work together to create the ultimate healing session.

60 Minutes: $175
90 Minutes: $205


Tova attended Marymount Manhattan College, where she majored in Theatre Arts and received a Bachelor of Arts degree. She spent the next ten years pursuing a career in theatre, while living and working in Manhattan. Those ten years took their toll, both emotionally and physically. She developed insomnia, and realized that she was constantly stressed and sick. She was in need of major healing. The healing began after she moved back to her hometown of Putnam Valley, NY, and began to deepen her existing yoga practice at Liberation Yoga Studio. It was at this time she discovered the healing properties of Reiki. Immediately years of stress and strain seemed to melt away. Wanting to bring that relief to others, she now practices as a Reiki Master at Liberation, grateful to be at the Wellness Center that helped her discover her true health.

Tova approaches each and every session with compassion and understanding for her clients, always seeking to bring balance back to the body, mind and spirit. Her aim is to have you feeling calmer and more open, and leaving with fresh perspective, each and every session.

Vincent's journey with yoga and Reiki started while he was working through a marital breakup. He was encouraged by his therapist to try yoga. Vincent came to find Liberation and felt immediately that it was the right place for him. Reiki found Vincent by chance. He was looking to fill an afternoon with some sort of activity (also encouraged by his therapist), and found himself signing up for a Saturday afternoon Reiki attunement class. He attended the class never having heard the word Reiki or knowing what it was. What he experienced was a powerful and provoking transformation into a world he never knew could exist, through balance, centering and the human touch. Vincent now finds peace and contentment helping others as a Reiki Master at Liberation Yoga and Wellness Center, where it all began.

Interested in healing all her life, Adrea has studied many forms from theatre, massage, yoga and Reiki. Each field opened a new door through which she would deepen her understanding of healing. True healing goes beyond traditional medicine and addresses not only the physical body, but our minds, emotions and spirit as well. Adrea approaches each session with a compassionate presence and a willingness to help. She understands that the pressures of life can take their toll on our body, mind and spirits and through the power of Reiki she helps to stimulate self-healing and gently encourages the release of past traumas.


We understand that sometimes things happen, and our clients may be late or cancel an appointment. Trying to be fair to our clients and therapists we have arrived at the following policy regarding cancellation:

24 hours advanced notice- no charge
Less than 24 hours notice:
First time- no charge
Second time- 50% of fee charged
Three or more times- Full fee charged.

In the event of lateness the client is financially responsible for the full session based on the time booked for the appointment.