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Every day, countless pressures and responsibilities compete for our attention and our time. Our fast-paced culture brings us numerous opportunities, but brings with it a cost to our health. Our minds become strained, emotions frayed, and our spirits diminished and dull. Our bodies bear a large portion of this burden, storing stress and trauma through muscular tension, or manifesting emotional blockages through disease and chronic pain. The body is a miraculous thing. Its ability to heal itself is well documented by the medical community, but it can also do itself harm through the mind's neglect. Many of us become disconnected from our body, and suffer needlessly. Massage therapy and bodywork can not only release the stress of everyday life, but can also work to release long-stored stress-patterns that can cause chronic pain or other ailments. Working with a skilled massage therapist at Liberation Wellness Center, our clients take the time to reconnect with their bodies, allowing genuine healing to begin. Our skilled therapists work to remove the stress-caused blocks in the physical as well as energetic body, releasing muscle tension, and by deep relaxation, clearing the mental fog that stress can accumulate. Liberate your body, and your mind will follow.


We often confuse healing with a cure. To heal is to bring the body into balance mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. To cure is to eradicate a disease or illness. Healing, as practiced by our therapists, helps the body to help itself, and can certainly contribute to lasting health, but may or may not act as a cure for illness. Mind-body therapy is not a substitution for professional medical care.


Our massage is a combination of many different techniques, including Swedish Massage, Shiatsu pressure points, and energetic balancing, tailored to the needs of each client. This therapeutic massage is designed to release the areas of tension that differ from person to person. Our therapists will work with you to address your specific needs. A feeling of rejuvenation, relaxation and bliss make this treatment a magical habit-forming experience.

30 minutes: $70
60 minutes: $105
75 minutes: $125
90 minutes: $145


This session combines the subtle power of Reiki Energy with the tension-melting effects of client-tailored massage therapy. Our talented Massage Therapists and Reiki Masters will work together to create the ultimate healing session.

60 Minutes: $175
90 Minutes: $205


Reflexology is the art and science of stimulating pressure points on the feet which restores vitality to the whole body and brings balance and harmony to the entire system. A treatment so delicious you'll walk on air when you leave.

30 minutes: $70
60 minutes: $105


This massage targets areas of tension specific to the expecting mother, using special bolsters to allow for safe relaxation of the body during the massage.

60 minutes: $105


LMT, Reiki Master

With over 10 years of experience, Adrea has realized the best approach to massage is to work "with the client", not "on them." Fueled by her training in Reiki energetic healing, she energetically connects with the client and then lets their body "talk" to her hands. Once she has found a pressure that is engaging, without being too deep or painful, she lets the body guide her hands and her intuition to the tight spots and starts to work on dispersing the tension, opening & realigning the energetic channels, and inducing relaxation.

LMT, LPN, Reiki Master

Working with a wide range of clients, Michelle integrates Swedish, Shiatsu, Reiki and other healing modalities to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers. With the goal of releasing old patterns of tension, Michelle brings careful attention to knots, trigger points, muscles, and soft tissue to assist the client in opening up so they can let go. A mother of two, she has a passion for working with women, children, infants, and the expecting mom. With over 20 years of experience as a nurse and 10 years as an energy practitioner, Michelle brings her knowledge and her healing touch to the massage profession to help her clients relax and experience a balance of mind, body, and spirit.


We understand that sometimes things happen, and our clients may be late or cancel an appointment. Trying to be fair to our clients and therapists we have arrived at the following policy regarding cancellation:

24 hours advanced notice- no charge
Less than 24 hours notice:
First time- no charge
Second time- 50% of fee charged
Three or more times- Full fee charged.

In the event of lateness the client is financially responsible for the full session based on the time booked for the appointment.